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October 3, 2015

Do you know who this woman is?

Sometimes I find the most interesting things on Craigslist, today is one of those times.  

A Vietnam Vet who was moments away from taking his life ran into a stranger who changed everything for him.  

As quickly as this woman entered his life, she disappeared and now, decades later, he's still wondering about her and looking to find her to tell her how she saved his life. 

Maybe one of my readers can help...

 I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972 - m4w

I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972, the same day I resolved to kill myself.
One week prior, at the behest of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, I'd flown four B-52 sorties over Hanoi. I dropped forty-eight bombs. How many homes I destroyed, how many lives I ended, I'll never know. But in the eyes of my superiors, I had served my country honorably, and I was thusly discharged with such distinction.
 And so on the morning of that New Year's Eve, I found myself in a barren studio apartment on Beacon and Hereford with a fifth of Tennessee rye and the pang of shame permeating the recesses of my soul. When the bottle was empty, I made for the door and vowed, upon returning, that I would retrieve the Smith & Wesson Model 15 from the closet and give myself the discharge I deserved.  
I walked for hours. I looped around the Fenway before snaking back past Symphony Hall and up to Trinity Church. Then I roamed through the Common, scaled the hill with its golden dome, and meandered into that charming labyrinth divided by Hanover Street. By the time I reached the waterfront, a charcoal sky had opened and a drizzle became a shower. That shower soon gave way to a deluge. While the other pedestrians darted for awnings and lobbies, I trudged into the rain. I suppose I thought, or rather hoped, that it might wash away the patina of guilt that had coagulated around my heart. It didn't, of course, so I started back to the apartment.  
 And then I saw you.
You'd taken shelter under the balcony of the Old State House. You were wearing a teal ball gown, which appeared to me both regal and ridiculous. Your brown hair was matted to the right side of your face, and a galaxy of freckles dusted your shoulders. I'd never seen anything so beautiful.  
 When I joined you under the balcony, you looked at me with your big green eyes, and I could tell that you'd been crying. I asked if you were okay. You said you'd been better. I asked if you'd like to have a cup of coffee. You said only if I would join you. Before I could smile, you snatched my hand and led me on a dash through Downtown Crossing and into Neisner's.
We sat at the counter of that five and dime and talked like old friends. We laughed as easily as we lamented, and you confessed over pecan pie that you were engaged to a man you didn't love, a banker from some line of Boston nobility. A Cabot, or maybe a Chaffee. Either way, his parents were hosting a soirée to ring in the New Year, hence the dress.  
 For my part, I shared more of myself than I could have imagined possible at that time. I didn't mention Vietnam, but I got the sense that you could see there was a war waging inside me. Still, your eyes offered no pity, and I loved you for it.
After an hour or so, I excused myself to use the restroom. I remember consulting my reflection in the mirror. Wondering if I should kiss you, if I should tell you what I'd done from the cockpit of that bomber a week before, if I should return to the Smith & Wesson that waited for me. I decided, ultimately, that I was unworthy of the resuscitation this stranger in the teal ball gown had given me, and to turn my back on such sweet serendipity would be the real disgrace.  
 On the way back to the counter, my heart thumped in my chest like an angry judge's gavel, and a future -- our future -- flickered in my mind. But when I reached the stools, you were gone. No phone number. No note. Nothing.
As strangely as our union had begun, so too had it ended. I was devastated. I went back to Neisner's every day for a year, but I never saw you again. Ironically, the torture of your abandonment seemed to swallow my self-loathing, and the prospect of suicide was suddenly less appealing than the prospect of discovering what had happened in that restaurant. The truth is I never really stopped wondering.  
I'm an old man now, and only recently did I recount this story to someone for the first time, a friend from the VFW. He suggested I look for you on Facebook. I told him I didn't know anything about Facebook, and all I knew about you was your first name and that you had lived in Boston once. And even if by some miracle I happened upon your profile, I'm not sure I would recognize you. Time is cruel that way.
This same friend has a particularly sentimental daughter. She's the one who led me here to Craigslist and these Missed Connections. But as I cast this virtual coin into the wishing well of the cosmos, it occurs to me, after a million what-ifs and a lifetime of lost sleep, that our connection wasn't missed at all.You see, in these intervening forty-two years I've lived a good life. I've loved a good woman. I've raised a good man. I've seen the world. And I've forgiven myself. And you were the source of all of it. You breathed your spirit into my lungs one rainy afternoon, and you can't possibly imagine my gratitude.  
 I have hard days, too. My wife passed four years ago. My son, the year after. I cry a lot. Sometimes from the loneliness, sometimes I don't know why. Sometimes I can still smell the smoke over Hanoi. And then, a few dozen times a year, I'll receive a gift. The sky will glower, and the clouds will hide the sun, and the rain will begin to fall. And I'll remember.
So wherever you've been, wherever you are, and wherever you're going, know this: you're with me still.


In Christ and hoping this Vet finds who he's looking for,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

September 30, 2015

MSNBC's Morning Joe disappointed Pope met with Kim Davis

The folks over at MSNBC's Morning Joe are not only disappointed by the news that Pope Francis met with Kim Davis, they are "shocked" by it. 


Why would they be "shocked", "surprised" and "disappointed" to hear Pope Francis met a woman who is opposed to gay marriage- beliefs that happen to coincide with Catholic belief?   

Perhaps because the "Who am I to judge" comment has come back to stump them.  

It's interesting that they are not surprised when the pope visits everyone else, but heaven forbid he visit a woman who was jailed for her religious beliefs!  Oh no! Not HER! 

Why not her?  Had she been a jailed lesbian they wouldn't have been disappointed- oh no!  They would have been applauding and cheering. What hypocrites they are!

What I am disappointed about is the fact that Pope Francis didn't mention her during his address to Congress.  Now that would have been wonderful! 

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


September 28, 2015

The Papal Visit to the United States...what were they thinking?

My over all thoughts on this papal visit are very mixed.  

The good...

(Image from: )

-I love seeing the pope with children and the disabled.  This man clearly has a love for them and it shows- and I don't believe he's doing it to be showy or put on a false image.  I believe he truly loves children, the poor and the disabled and has a big heart for their sufferings. 

-I loved seeing the very liberal MSNBC cover every single step of the papal visit- even more coverage then EWTN had!  

-I am hopeful that someone in all of this has returned to the Church or are now on their way to becoming Catholic.  I think the Pope had that kind of effect on a great many people- and that's a good thing. 

And the bad...

-The cheering, clapping, standing ovations, clergy snapping photos during Mass because they are so blinded by the "superstar" pope that they ignore/forget/dismiss God on the altar.  Shameful, disgraceful and disgusting.  This was intolerable. 

-Holy Communion passed out into hands to large crowds.  I am 100% opposed to this whether during a papal visit such as this, or World Youth Days.  

-The insane, stupid and ridiculous comments of the "Catholics" who helped co-host the media coverage of this papal visit.  

People like Fr. Rosica sitting with Anderson Cooper on CNN talking about how Pope Francis has changed the annulment process so people whose "love failed" with a first marriage, now have a "another chance" at love in a new marriage because Pope Francis is all about that sort of "mercy".  

*I believe CNN Transcript means "previous SYNOD in 2014" not "Senate". I think this is a typo*

I buried my face in my hands a lot during this papal visit. 

- The choice of Mo Rocca, an openly gay man who rejects Catholic teaching to do the readings at one of the Papal Masses.

-The choice of Mark Wahlburg...?  

Who exactly made these choices?  What were they thinking? 

Now the over-all pure annoyance factor.  Cardinal Dolan

I just couldn't wait for the Pope to move on and get away from Cardinal Dolan.  This man acts like the class clown in middle school.  I really can't stand watching him.  

That is the good, the bad and the annoying in my opinion.  I'd love to hear what other Catholics thought of this papal visit.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

Source: CNN Transcripts of Fr. Rosica:

Dolan image:

September 23, 2015

September 22, 2015

Holy Hour in honor of St. Pio

Holy Hour of Prayer on Sept. 23 in honor of St Pio

Holy Hour with Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament on Wednesday, September 23, at 5:30 p.m. to mark the feast of Saint Padre Pio. 

Our Lady of Pompeii Church, 355 Foxon Road, Rt 80, East Haven.

Join us in prayer for the intercession of this very popular saint for abundant blessings on the occasion of Pope Francis' visit to the USA, the World's Refugees and your own particular intentions. 

The saint's relic (his glove) will be here for veneration.

Contributor: Paul A. Zalonski
Catholic Connecticut
255 Foxon Hill Road
East Haven, CT 06513-1216 USA
Email Paul directly:

Follow Paul on Twitter @CatholicCT
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September 17, 2015

St Maria Goretti's relics come to Connecticut

The major relics of Saint Maria Goretti are making a "Pilgrimage of Mercy" and coming to Connecticut (among other states in the U.S.)...

St. Theresa Parish in Trumbull, CT:

*To see if the Pilgrimage of Mercy is making a stop in your state, check here:

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

September 16, 2015

EWTN Invites Catholic Dioceses To Link to EWTN for Live Streaming of the Pope’s Visit to North America

If you really want Catholics in your diocese to know what Pope Francis says and does during his visit to the United State and Cuba, we invite you to link to EWTN’s website for live streaming of the entire visit, From the Pope’s arrival in Havana on Sept. 19 through his departure from Philadelphia Sept. 27, the Network will be live on-the-ground with the most experienced news teams and the top experts in Catholicism. EWTN will not only cover, but explain – in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian -- everything the Pope says on his journey across North America.

“Covering the Pope is what we do year round on a daily basis,” said EWTN President & COO Doug Keck. “No one else possesses the depth of understanding and the expert commentators like EWTN.”

EWTN will not only cover the Pope’s trip on EWTN television, but on EWTN radio, via its social media sites and news services, and in multiple languages. Viewers can also see it live streamed and get details of EWTN's coverage at or on their mobile phone with the EWTN app (

Discover all the ways to access EWTN at – and be sure to follow us on social media, especially our flagship Facebook site,

On the English side, EWTN News Director Raymond Arroyo, who has anchored more papal events than anyone in the industry, will host our live coverage from New York, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia. The “EWTN News Nightly” (ENN) team, led by ENN Anchor Brian Patrick, will also be on-the-ground providing news and reports during the Pope’s visit to all three U.S. cities, while ENN Producer Susanna Pinto will offer English-language reports from Cuba. In addition, Spanish-language coverage in Cuba will be anchored by EWTN’s Alejandro Bermudez, executive director of the ACI Group, and host of several Spanish-language programs on EWTN Spanish-language television and radio networks.
EWTN President & COO Doug Keck and “Women of Grace” Host Johnnette Benkovic will host coverage of the “World Meeting of Families” (WMOF) in Philadelphia, which airs Sept. 22-25, just prior to the Pope’s arrival in Philadelphia. Keck will also provide regular updates on the Pope’s travels around the U.S. In cases where EWTN’s papal coverage coincides with keynote speeches and Masses at the WMOF, EWTN will live stream the events at

EWTN Global Catholic Network, now entering its 35th year, is the largest religious media network in the world. EWTN’s 11 networks broadcast the Gospel message in multiple languages 24 hours a day, seven days a week to over 250 million television households in more than 140 countries and territories. EWTN’s outreach includes direct broadcast satellite television and radio services; AM & FM radio networks transmitted through SIRIUS/XM, iHeart Radio, and over 300 Catholic radio affiliates across the U.S.; a worldwide shortwave radio service; the largest Catholic website in the U.S.; print and electronic news services that include “The National Catholic Register” newspaper, Catholic News Agency and ACI Group; and EWTN Publishing, Inc.  

September 15, 2015

No one wants stem cells, they want baby parts

The latest video exposing Planned Parenthoods baby money market clearly shows (once again) that baby parts is a booming business and that unlike we've heard before no one wants stem cells- guess there's no $$$ in that. It's all about "fresh" baby parts. 



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